Dedication to an ideal

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By Lyudmila KOLINA

Russia's long established and famous fashion designer, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, recently presented his new haute couture collection called "Posvyashchyonie" ("Dedication").

To whom or what was it dedicated? Zaitsev explained that what he had in mind was women.

"I want to give women – and their nature – their due; especially considering that the desire to realize this aim has deprived me of creative peace for the past 40 years," Zaitsev said. "I discover again and again that she is always different, sometimes unique, but always recognizable."

He maintained that his inspiration was sparked by an invented female image. However, it seemed as though the image represented a very real woman. It turned out that Yelena Shapovalova, the show's closing model, is in fact its personification. "Yelena Shapovalova embodies my perception of the quiet, intelligent and considerate woman. Therefore, you can say she's been my ideal this season," the maestro confirmed.

Reverting to the style of the early 20th century, Zaitsev made extensive use of French silks, brocades and laces, as well as polar and silver fox furs. Explaining the dominance of black in the collection, Zaitsev said: "Black is my color. In my view, it's associated with the intellect."

The most expensive dresses in the collection cost from $10,000-12,000, while the cheapest range between $2,000-3,000. Commenting on the modest variety of men's wear, Zaitsev said: "In this collection, men's wear isn't important. It was presented so that the models would have time to change clothes. But in early March, I'll be launching a fundamentally novel collection of men's wear."