Avant-Garde Dostoyevsky

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky's work is getting a new, 21st century look. Avant-garde Russian film director Roman Kachanov is working on a modern day interpretation of the 19th century author's famous novel "The Idiot" and popular actors have been invited to Moscow to participate in the production.

Polish actress Barbara Brylska, 59, who starred in such classics as "Irony Of Fate" (1975), arrived in Moscow August 18 to act in Kachanov's adaptation, titled "Down House." Brylska plays a supporting role as Yepanchina, the general's wife. "Having read the script, I readily agreed to act in the film," she said. Brylska won Russians' hearts after she starred in Eldar Ryazanov's ‘Irony Of Fate' (1975), a lyrical comedy which became a national hit and continues to be popular in Russia.

Other foreign actors in "Down House" include Pole Ezhi Shtur and Lithuanian Juozas Budraitis, actor and current advisor on culture at the Lithuania Embassy in Moscow.

Russian members of the cast include music video producer and actor Fyodor Bondarchyuk, young scriptwriter and actor Ivan Okhlobystin, movie director and actor Alexander Bashirov and actress Anna Buklovskaya.

The Russian government gave the film "national movie project" status, which means it will receive government funding. ‘Down House' could outdo all previous Russian films in the quantity of computer graphics and special effects. DJ Groove is making a soundtrack. The film is expected to be dubbed in English and German.

Kachanov has been invited to direct the film. His film "DMB," won the Critics Prize and Fipressi Prize at the "Kinotavr" movie festival in Sochi this year.