SUMMER: Beaches in Moscow

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With the sun beating down relentlessly, more and more Muscovites are heading for the city’s beaches to get away from the heat. There’s plenty of water both in Moscow and the surrounding region, and the city health authorities have listed 17 beaches as being officially safe for swimming.

Health inspectors carry out weekly pollution checks, and divers frequently inspect the bottom, but such inspections don’t guarantee safe swimming. The health situation can change suddenly. Troparevo pond, for example, was considered safe for a week at the start of July but was then closed again.

Rescue stations operate throughout the swimming season (there are 170 of them) as well as lifeguards, doctors and police patrols at all the officially open beaches. Things can get busy, though, and congested access roads slow down emergency services, so take care. More than 124 people have drowned already this year, though most have been alcohol-induced accidents.

The top five:

Serebryany Bor-3

4-Liniya Khoroshevsky Serebryany Bor
Metro: Polezhayevskaya, then take trolleybuses 20 or 65 to the last stop
Tel: 199-0110
Cost: 15 rubles

This is Moscow’s most popular beach. It’s clean and can get very crowded indeed. There are eight volleyball courts, an asphalt-covered tennis court and a sports center with a gym. You can rent scooters and catamarans. There are children’s play and swimming areas, showers, changing rooms and drinking fountains. Free parking is available at the entrance to the beach. There’s a special area with a cafe for nudists, but the nudist car park isn’t free.

Serebryany Bor-2

42 Tamanskaya
Metro: Polezhayevskaya, then take trolleybus 21 to the last stop
Tel: 199-0110

This is the second most popular beach in Moscow. It gets crowded and has clean water. There are showers, changing rooms, toilets and drinking fountains, children’s areas, a volleyball court and various cafes. You can rent catamarans for 50 rubles an hour. There’s no parking close by, so you will have to walk a certain distance to get to the beach.

Vodnoye Dinamo

39 Leningradskoye Sh.
Metro: Vodny Stadion
Tel: 778-6789
Cost: 30 rubles before 9 p.m., 50 rubles after 9 p.m.

This is the most expensive beach, and also one of the cleanest. Locals use it as a kind of open-air night club, though the dilapidated stadium benches left from over from when rowing competitions were held here don’t provide the greatest view. The beach has good amenities — showers, toilets and deck chairs. There’s also a children’s play area and a skating track. If you’re bored with swimming, you can play billiards (at 40 rubles a game) or volleyball (the courts are free to use) or two tennis courts (costing 200 rubles an hour). Renting a scooter costs 50 rubles a minute. There are two cafes with live entertainment, by obscure performers, during the weekends.

Ozero Byeloye

Zaozernoye 19
Metro: Vykhino, then take buses 602, 722 or 744 to the Poliklinika stop
Tel: 700-0183

This is one of Moscow’s top five beaches, primarily because of the constant flow of clean spring water. Lifeguards warn that people should be careful on the lake because there are underground springs. The lake, which is 23 meters deep, is popular for diving. You can rent boats for 50 rubles an hour. Sporting facilities include a soccer stadium and a tennis court.


Metro: Rechnoi Vokzal, then take bus 739 to Soyuz Hotel stop

This beach, on the Moscow canal, is one of the only beaches within the city that has clean water. It also has changing rooms, toilets and drinking fountains and a simple cafe. There is a volleyball court and children’s play area.

The best of the rest:

Akademicheskiye Prudy

38 Bolshaya Akademicheskaya Ul.
Metro: Voikovskaya, then take tram 27 to the Baikal Kinoteatr stop
Tel: 105-1579

This is a sandy beach surrounded by forest. There are changing rooms and benches to sit on, a children’s play area and video games. For more active entertainment there’s a volleyball court, table tennis (50 rubles an hour) and billiards (30 rubles an hour). There are two cafes, drinking fountains and toilets and people can rent boats or jetskis for 50 rubles an hour.

Istrinskoye water reservoir, Trusovo

Metro: Rizhskaya, then take the elektrichka from Rizhsky Vokzal to Istra, then take the Trusovo bus to the last stop.

This beach has showers, changing rooms, a volleyball court and a children’s play area. There are kiosks, lifeguards, medical services and a car park. You can rent beach houses for a day or two in an adjacent area.


Ivankovskoye Shosse
Metro: Sokol, then take trolleybuses 12 or 70 to the Bolnitsa MPS stop
Cost: 20 rubles

Another very popular beach. It’s clean and is part of the protected Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park. For children there is a play area and closed-off bathing area. You can rent a wide range of equipment for sports, from badminton and chess to volleyball and tennis. Boats and catamarans can also be rented for 30 rubles an hour. There are showers, drinking fountains and a cafe. You can set up a barbecue at the beach if you want.

Klyazminskoye water reservoir, Bukhta Radosti

Metro Medvedkovo, then take a marshrutka to Pirogovo, or go to metro Rechnoi Vokzal and take the raketa from the river port
Cost for cars: 50 rubles

There is plenty of space here, and plenty of people, too. That’s only to be expected, though, at a fine sandy beach with a clean pebble-lined bottom. There are showers and bio-toilets, sports facilities and children’s play areas. You’re allowed to go fishing but not to light fires. Boats and catamarans can be hired round the clock. There’s a parking area.

Klyazminskoye water reservoir, Gorki

Metro: Rechnoi Vokzal, then take the raketa from the river port to Gorki. By car, take Mozhaiskoye shosse and turn at Gorki

This is a fenced-off sandy beach near a forest. There are showers, changing rooms and toilets, and you can buy drinks, ice cream and sandwiches. There is a volleyball court and children’s play area. The area is guarded by police around the clock.

Klyazminskoye water reservoir, Khlebnikovo

Metro: Savyolovskoye, then take the elektrichka from Savyolovsky Vokzal to Khlebnikovo.
By car, take Dmitrovskoye Shosse and turn at the Khlebnikovo sign.
Parking: 20 rubles

This is a sandy fenced-off beach with changing rooms, toilets, kiosks, deck chairs and sports equipment for hire. There is a volleyball court, a children’s play area and a car park.

Klyazminskoye water reservoir, Troitskoye

Metro: Altufyevo, then take bus 32 to Troitskoye village and get out at the shop
Tel: 576 9225
Cost: 25 rubles, cost for cars: 20 rubles

This soft, sandy beach has everything you could want – all sorts of boats and water sports equipment for hire, soccer and volleyball areas and a tennis court. Bring your own equipment, though. You can go paragliding (200-250 rubles for a 5-minute flight). For children, there is a play area and pony rides. There are showers and a cafe, which hires out barbecue equipment, and a well-equipped car park.


Metro: Kievskaya, then take the elektrichka from Kievsky Vokzal to Vostryakovo

This is a sandy lakeside beach, deep enough for diving. There are areas for children and volleyball and tennis courts. Boats rent for an average of 50 rubles an hour. There are two shower cabins but no parking areas.

Pirogovskoye water reservoir, Bukhta Tikhaya

Metro: Komsomolskaya, then take the elektrichka from Yaroslavsky Vokzal to Pirogovo. By car, take Ostashkovskoye Shosse to Pirogovo and turn left at the Lodochnaya stantsiya sign.

There’s a green meadow instead of sand, but the bottom of the bay is sandy and there are pine trees nearby. All kinds of boats and water-sports equipment are available for hire and there are changing rooms and a tennis court; bring your own tennis gear. You can light fires only in designated places and it’s forbidden to chop down trees. Locals have solved that problem by selling wood on the side of the road. There’s a cafe that hires out barbecue equipment, a shop and a cafe that sells Uzbek food.


Myakinskaya floodlands, Rublyovskoye water reservoir, Bukhta Zhivopisnaya
Metro: Molodyozhnaya, then take bus 27 to the Plyazh stop
Tel: 414-1424
Cost: 10 rubles, free for children

This beach is popular with young people because it’s cheap and has convenient parking space. You can rent boats or catamarans, for up to 50 rubles an hour, and play soccer or volleyball. For children, there’s a closed-off bathing area and a play area. There are changing rooms, showers, drinking fountains and plenty of kiosks with food and drinks.

Beaches where you can safely swim

1 Serebryany Bor-2
2 Serebryany Bor-3
3 Vodnoye Dinamo
4 Rublyovo
5 Khimki-2
6 Ozero Chyornoye
7 Ozero Byeloye
8 Bukhta Radosti
9 Akademicheskiye Prudy
10 Lyevoberezhye
11 Meshcherskoye
12 Bukhta Tikhaya
13 Gorki
14 Troitskoye
15 Trusovo
16 Khlebnikovo
17 Central city pond in Zelenograd

Beaches considered unsafe for swimming

1 Troparevo
2 Bitsa
3 Borisovskiye Prudy
4 Serebryano-Vinogradniye Prudy
5 Serebryany Bor-1
6 Terletskaya Dubrava
7 Western freight port at Serebryany Bor
8 Moskvoretskaya Naberezhnaya
9 Sofiiskoye Naberezhnaya
10 Varshavskiye Prudy
11 Tsaritsynskiye Prudy
12 Lefortovo Park
13 Kuzminskiye Prudy
14 Golovinskiye Prudy
15 Brick Factory Bay
16 Bottomless lake at Serebryany Bor
17 Stroginskoye floodlands
18 Lebedyansky Prud
19 Cherkizovsky Prud
20 Oleni Prudy
21 Kuskovo Park
22 Putyaevskiye Prudy