Wheel of Fortune host is 'absolutely normal'

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The enormously popular host of the TV game show "Pole Chyudes" (the Russian version of the American "Wheel of Fortune"), Leonid Yakubovich, is leaving television to pursue a movie career, the daily Zhizn wrote.

Rumors about Yakubovich leaving "Pole Chyudes" began flying at the end of last year. But back then, when asked by a Zhizn correspondent about his plans, Yakubovich vehemently denied the allegations. Now he has confirmed it.

"Believe me, I may look like an idiot, but in reality I'm absolutely normal," Yakubovich said, commenting on his decision. "Seriously, I'm quitting ‘Pole Chyudes' soon. I've been hosting it for 10 years now and I'm exhausted. I see two options for the show: Either they find a new, younger host, or they get shut down.

"What am I up to? Well, there are so many interesting occupations to choose from. Maybe I'll seriously try to make it in movies. I've accepted an invitation from director Oleg Fomin to star in his new film. I won't tell you anything about the plot or my role. Don't even ask me! I won't say, even under torture. The film will be released near the end of this year."