German flavor spices up Depeche Mode party

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By LifeStyle

Here in Russia, Depeche Mode attained something of a cult following in the '80s, even though few people knew what their songs were actually about. Synth-pop must have had some sort of magical effect on the consciousness of those involved.

One can still hear stories of celebrations of vocalist Dave Gahan's birthday on May 9 by hundreds of Soviet Depeche Mode fans, each with the much-adored identifying haircut. For some mysterious reason, this gathering was always held by the Mayakovsky statue and, as tradition has it, this landmark is still the May 9 get-together spot for devoted Gahan fans.

Since last year, however, Tochka has been the scene for the main attraction - Russian bands playing DM covers. And, this year, they will have a Western guest.
And One - a German synth-pop project from the mid-'90s - were huge DM fans. But, unlike those groups that blindly copied Depeche Mode's path, with similar haircuts and manners, And One had a twist of their own. German hits will be mixed in among the Depeche Mode covers at Tochka on May 9 at 6 p.m.