Pavel Bure wins suit to protect Kournikova's honor

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Completed by Alexander Kondorsky

Hockey player Pavel Bure has won a lawsuit against the Moscow English-language alternative newspaper the eXile, in which he sought to protect the honor and dignity of tennis star Anna Kournikova, the daily Zhizn reported.

According to Zhizn, the paper published an article headlined "Pavel Bure. Horrifying News: Anna Kournikova Has Two Vaginas" which said that, at a charity event, Bure made a public announcement to the effect that "I won't be having sex with Kournikova any more because she, to put it mildly, has two sex organs. And I don't like it."

Explanations that "the article was nothing more but a joke and, maybe, not a very nice one" made by representatives of the eXile editorial board did not satisfy Moscow's Basmanny municipal court. The court ruled that the paper published untrue information abusing the honor and dignity of Bure and obliged the eXile to publish a retraction in Russian and English and pay Bure 500,000 rubles for damage inflicted on his reputation. According to lawyers, it's the largest sum ever decided on by a Russian court in compensation for emotional damage.

"Normally, I don't listen to gossip and rumors, but the author of this disgusting piece of slander obviously took it too far," Bure told Zhizn. "And he offended not just me, but also Anna Kournikova, whom I greatly respect. The court asked me why I was acting as plaintiff and not Kournikova. First of all, I hope she didn't see the paper and, second, I don't think it's entirely appropriate for a girl to appear in legal hearings like this. And now, if Anya learns about the publication, she won't feel so bad about it. After all, her dignity has been protected by a court of law."