Tennis Star Kournikova and Pop Star Iglesias Get Married

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Alexander Kondorsky

The sex symbol of professional tennis Anna Kournikova got married to pop star Enrique Iglesias, the daily Zhizn wrote. Their wedding took place on a beautiful and cozy island of the Dominican Republic, in the Altos de Chavon church. After a party with some 200 invited guests, the couple went on to enjoy their first nuptial night in the Honeymoon villa with eight suites, a swimming pool and a private beach.
This wasn’t Kournikova’s first marriage. Two years ago she got married to hockey star Sergei Fyodorov, but the marriage didn’t last long.
Kournikova’s romance with Iglesias began more than one year ago. At first they carefully concealed their relationship, but it came to light when they featured together in an explicit music video filmed for the song "Escape." Rumor has it that they got so carried away that they taped the flick’s central episode (where they make love to each other) for three whole hours during the filming.
Kournikova and Iglesias have roughly equivalent fortunes: The tennis star, despite her failures on the court, gets some $10 million a year from advertisers, and Iglesias earns $13 million in CD sales.