Putina's Threads Stir Up Britain

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Alexander Kondorsky

Russia’s first lady, Lyudmila Putina, wife of President Vladimir Putin, created madness in Great Britain during the state visit recently, the daily Zhizn wrote.
As Zhizn managed to dig up, it was one of Russia’s leading couturiers, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who designed the first lady’s attire for the visit. Earlier, Putina wore clothes from another fashion designer, Igor Chapurin, but rumor has it that she dismissed him because she heard he was bragging right and left about his high-placed clientess.
"Lyudmila Putina and I designed the attire together," Zaitsev told Zhizn, "We spent a long time discussing colors and styles, and finally we agreed on a snow-white cotton suit. It consists of a trapezoid jacket decorated with embroidery and a loose-cut lacy skirt."
Finding suitable material was particularly challenging: Zaitsev promptly flew to Italy to find the highest quality thin cotton fabric.
"It took me awhile to persuade Mrs. Putina to wear a hat. I’m happy that [she] decided to wear a hat…a very beautiful and very important part of apparel," Zaitsev said. "Unfortunately, not many women in Russia wear hats, but I believe that the example set by the first lady will help change the situation for the better."
Putina chose a hat from the "Divertissement" collection. These hats were made of Ecuadorian abaca palm crust processed according to a special technology, which was purchased from Great Britain. Putina chose the one made of thin straws decorated with a large cream-colored silk bow.
The only question that remains: Was the queen left feeling inadequate in comparison to Putina’s designer duds? No one knows for sure.