Abkhaz newly elected president wants stability

TBILISI - Abkhaz presidential candidate Sergey Bargapsh expects the unstable situation in the republic to last till December 6, when he is to be inaugurated. As Bargapsh told the Rustavi-2 television, Abkhaz authorities will do their best to hold new elections. "It is unclear, what for they are going to hold new presidential elections, but they want new people to run for presidency," he elaborated. "Moscow is concerned about the situation in Abkhazia and we ourselves want stability," he emphasized. Abkhaz Prime Minister Nodar Khashba paid a visit to Moscow to hold consultations on the crisis in the republic.

Earlier the Supreme Court of Abkhazia named the recent Abkhaz presidential elections void and ordered the Central Election Commission to conduct another election, a source in the Abkhaz government reported. Thus, the Court has canceled a decision of the Central Election Commission, which stipulated the victory of Sergey Bagapsh.