Rassol (Brine): When to drink and how to drink

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By Dmitry Mozheitov

O n April 26 the Moscow-based Ochakovo beer and soft-drinks factory launched its new product – Cabbage Rassol.

In Russia, the first association conjured up by the word ‘rassol' is hangover because ‘rassol' (vegetable brine) is Russia's traditional remedy for this extremely unpleasant condition. In the 17th and 18th century, Russian cuisine even included a special dish called "pokhmelye" (hangover) – a cold soup of vegetable brine, vinegar, spices and finely cut lamb. The most popular are cucumber and cabbage rassols.

Oddly enough, the country, which nearly tops world ratings in the alcohol consumption, has not mass produced such an "important" drink up to now. Rassols have existed only as homemade stuff. The idea to organize industrial production of Russia's traditional drinks – medovukha (low-alcohol drink with honey) and rassol came to Ochakovo technologists several years ago.

"It took our technologists two years of work to create our Cabbage Rassol. The work included the elaboration of recipe and the selection of suitable vegetable suppliers. Rassol is produced exclusively from natural components. In addition to being a hangover remedy, rassol is strongly recommended to everybody as a healthy drink," head technologist at Ochakovo Svetlana Golubeva told LS.

The Ochakovo Cabbage Rassol is made from natural cabbage and beet juices and contains vitamins, organic acids and microelements. This is why it is so healthy.

Incidentally, the curative properties of cabbage in healing hangover are well known not only in Russia. For example, sauerkraut brine is used for this purpose by residents of Alsace and Yugoslavia, while Egyptians prefer to eat baked cabbages.

Now the lovers of rassol are saved the trouble of preparing the drink at home. The Ochakovo Cabbage Rassol will soon be available at stores in standard 0.33 liter cans which will cost around 10 rubles.

In addition to being good in itself, the cabbage rassol can be used for preparing various beverages. We are happy to present several recipes:


Cabbage rassol — 0.5 liters
Onions - 100 grams
Tomato paste — one table spoon
Salt, sugar, pepper

Mix half-liter of cabbage rassol with 100 grams of finely cut or shredded onions, 300 grams of cooled boiled water and one table spoon of tomato paste. Add salt, sugar and pepper according to taste. Stir vigorously.


Cabbage rassol — 0.6 liters
Garlic — one clove
Carrot juice — 0.2 liters
Parsley, salt, sugar, pepper

Peel a garlic clove, grate it with salt, put into 0.6 liters of cabbage rassol, stir and leave for 30 minutes. Before serving, mix with 0.2 liters of carrot juice and add finely cut parsley, salt, sugar and pepper according to taste.


Cabbage rassol — 0.4 liters
Apple puree — 0.4 liters
Parsley, sugar

Mix 0.4 liters of cabbage rassol with 0.4 liters of Apple puree, stir, add finely cut parsley and sugar.The beverage is especially recommended for children as an appetizer.