Doug & Marty's Boar House

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By Eric Trachtenberg

Named after the two managers, Doug and Marty, the Boar House is filled with an incredibly eclectic mix of people out to have a wild time. You can find almost any type of person here – Europeans, Americans, Africans, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, and Russians of all types – making the Boar House one of the most diverse clubs in Moscow. However, this club is not for those seeking peace and quiet, especially on weekends when the place is packed full of gyrating bodies dancing to either live bands or western and Russian disco hits played by some of Moscow's best DJs.

Besides changing the name from Chesterfields, Doug and Marty have given the bar a refreshed look. Portraits of boars in various situations now hang on the wall and slogans like Pigs'R'Us appear on staff T-shirts.

A major strength of the Boar House is its food – which is excellent and reasonably priced. Especially good are the pizzas ($8) and Buffalo wings ($7). Get here early and enjoy their business lunch/dinner deal noon to 8 p.m. when all food is half price. The express menu will comfort those broke or in a hurry. Drinks are somewhat expensive with cocktails cost between $4-6 and beers $3-4.50.

As for the bad news, the Boar House sometimes suffers from the problem of too many prostitutes. Poised along the bar waiting for someone to come their way, they often come up to you during slow times – and can make it harder to find someone legit at other times.

The house boars, i.e. regulars, are a bunch of expat guys bringing the US-style sports bar mentality with them. If you want to hang with guys from places other than Russia and watch a football, soccer, or rugby game, and then get some womanizing going, this is the ideal place to do it.

26 Zemlyanoy Val
Metro: Kurskaya
Tel: 917-9986/0150
Hours: noon to 6 a.m.
Cover: 70 rubles